We are a Learning & Development Solution provider.  Our clientale are public listed and private owned companies in the Asia Pacific Region.

We collaborate with learning institutions in developing L&D programs and solutions for corporate clients.   We innovate programs to be delivered outside of classrooms and for working adults. 

We are known for our practical approaches and abilities to innovate and deliver effective programmes in the areas of Management & Leadership, Operational Management, Continual Process Improvements,  ISO Quality Management Systems and Asset & Facilities Management.

We continue to provide information, share our knowledge, experiences and interests with our business partners to deliver value added consultancy and talent development programmes.

Presently, two areas of focus and demand are in L&D courses in Data Analytics techniques and IR 4.0 technology for operational improvement projects.


Lean Six Sigma & Data Analytics/IR4.0.   This covers information and knowledge on the implementation and statistical tools used in these two methodologies.   We will provide practical steps on implementation using new approaches for Data Analytics and we apply IR4.0 technology in the improvement and control stages.   We use these merging of methodologies into a single systematic approach to improve operations and drive continual improvements in our consultancy projects.

Management & Leadership.   This covers information and knowledge on a range of Management and Leadership topics.  Project Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, Management Development Skillsets, etc..  Since this has been something our clients and SME business managers are interested in.   We will include further topics in time to come, once we finalize our collaboration with our programme partners.

ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.  This covers all topics on ISO9000 implementation, certification and documentations.    We provide help in the understanding and implementation of this QMS.  We will provide consultancy on implementing ISO9001 processes for certification and provide auditing services and in-house training. 

IATF 16949 Quality Management Systems & Core Tools.  This covers all topics on 16949 Automtive implementation, certification, documentation and the Core Tools modules of FMEA, SPC, MSA, PPAP and APQP.   We provide consultancy and training in the understanding and implementations for Automotive QMS certifications.   We will also cover some common practices and knowledge how to use the core tools in your operations.

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